Our daughter Emily had a really bad temper and she did not follow the rules at school. Her school teacher recommended Martial Arts. We found Maspeth Karate for Kids and she's been a student since. My husband and I love Maspeth Karate for Kids. We really like their online daily progress reports, this helped us turn our Emily into what she is today. Thank you guys.

Parents of Emily R., 5 Years Old

When I graduated to High School I was picked on. I was the smallest kid in my class, so everyone will pick on me. My parents put me in Maspeth Karate for kids and after a few Anti-Bullying classes I was taught what to do and how to handle bullies. Now, I'm not afraid to go to school and I can defend myself. Thank you, MR. R and Mr. Sebastian.

Romeo g., 13 Years Old

Our Son Ricky had a hard time concentrating and getting passing grades in school. We put him in two Karate Schools before enrolling him in Maspeth Karate for Kids. Instantly, their academic achievement program hooked Ricky into getting good grades so he can become a member of this elite club. He's now in honor roll. Thanks Maspeth Karate for Kids.

Proud Parents of Ricky M., 9 Years Old

Kayla was a very shy little girl. She is very small for her age. Her size always made her unconfortable around kids her age and some will pick on her. It was very hard for her, but since we enrolled her in Maspeth Karate for Kids, she has the confidence to speak her mind and now she made more friends at school. We are so glad we found Maspeth Karate for Kids.

Parents of Kayla R., 7 Years Old

There are many studies supporting the benefits of Martial Arts helping children. Martial Arts offer both parents and children an activity which will always keep on giving. Parents are constantly confronted with character development situations, some revolving around school, others with kids interacting with each other and some are very difficult to deal with.
Allow us to help you TRANSFORM your child and help them develop a strong character and body.
All we ask for is about ONE HOUR a day 2 to 4 times a week. Your child will get HEALTHIER, ACHIEVE BETTER GRADES AND GAIN A POSITIVE CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR.

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